Saturday, March 7, 2020

NaMoPaiMo Index

I mentioned I'd written 19 posts on National Model Painting Month.  Having said that, I am obsessed with the idea of indexing them.  Each one dives into much more detail than is mentioned here, and has many more illustrations.  You should see the conclusions!!

And now there are 20.  :)

2017:   Thoughts on NaMoPaiMo     This one praises Jennifer to the skies, while showing models I painted and etched between 1979 and 2015.

2018:   Me and NaMoPaiMo   My first victim's arrival, mane creation, and reasons for joining.
            Prepping   Documents the start of Jypsi, my test medallion, and prepping Brasenose.
Jypsi in Repose, sculpted by Sarah Rose
            Jypsi Layer 7
            Jypsi Layers 8 & 9: A Drop    The worst that could happen, dropping the horse, turns out to be recoverable...

            Brasenose Layer 3    Brasenose is my chestnut Akhal Teke stallion and my first NMPM horse.  The post shows my first painting party, at Kristian Beverly's.
            Brasenose Layers 6, 7 & 8    Such excitement.  There is nothing like first love.
            Brasenose Layer 11: Finished

Brasenose, "Gazyr" by Margarita Malova, finished and mane by SBY
            Brasenose in Tack    NMPM is not about tack, but the chain of connecting logic is a short one.

2019:   Resolutions, FL and NMPM    Only the last third of this post deals with NMPM, but it gives the source of Ambolena's name.
            Ambolena Arrives    We see Orion and Bahkrom, other sculptures from M. Malova.

           Prepping    Short and useful as a tutorial.
           Ambolena Layer 4
           Ambolena Layer 7: Fixing a Shoulder Spot    Another useful miniature tutorial:  What would you do with an unsightly bubble?

            Ambolena Layers 8 & 9: Almost Went Appaloosa    Details about recovering from accidents.
            Ambolena Layers 10 & 11: Gilding The Lily    By far the most important of my Akhal Teke posts, this discusses metallicism and [isopropyl] alcohol.

 2020:   Marimba 1 thru 6    In these titles, the word 'layer' is understood.  Perlino was a new color for me.  The idea of doing Pearl-Ex with alcohol underwent some serious adjustments.

           Marimba 7 thru 10
           Marimba 13: Finished

Needless to say, I've had the time of my life.   National Model Painting Month has been the most amazing adventure.   At first I utterly rejected the idea:  I was (and am) allergic to crowds.  But then magic happened and I was drawn in;  I adapted it to my own needs -- the format proved robust enough to tolerate me.  After that it was all a wonderful exploration of something I'd seen my fellow hobbyists do often enough but never myself.  I will still pay for professional finishing;  the conclusion I came to in 2018 about that has not changed!  But my dreams are galloping where once they walked.  Now as never before I am listening for the answer to the question:

What color would you like to be?

Note:  In 6 years this collection has changed considerably.
I still have a dozen unfinished resins of every scale.  Oh yes:  and I just contracted to buy another!!!
I have a 1:6 as well as a handful of mini Roses.  :)   I have a Criollo pony, a TB, a Hornet, a Hillingar.  I have a carousel horse --- make that two;  You all never met Rogallo!!  Ah there's a dream -- almost too big to contemplate, that one.  But that's what NaMoPaiMo is all about:  
helping dreams come true.

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  1. Love your NaMoPaiMo family of horses. Which will you choose for next year?... Sometimes deciding is the hardest part!