Thursday, July 4, 2024

The Group Shoot


Go here for details of the auction sale of these seven TSII pieces.   "Horse Not Included,"  except for Duke of the Koi & Water Lilies, 2nd from left.

I've had opportunities for group shots before, most notably after restorations of Parade saddles (see below), but this one is above and beyond anything ever previously seen.  Not even at a show have I seen more than three TSII pieces together, across 40 years.  Not til now.  In private home collections, (a few of which I know exist), including my own, there might be more numerically;  yet compared to Colette's, many of mine are so, well, primitive and undeveloped!  ancient, coarse (painted silver sets for instance) and historical, rather than perfected... !  She truly captured -- and kept --  the finest examples of an artist at the peak.  The above group represents 21 years, over two decades.

As a photographer I was unable to resist.  

The seven Western saddles are arranged by year made, with the oldest (1993) on the left, and the youngest (2014) on the right.  If you're wondering where the 8th saddle is, the Domo Vaquero, and the harness, they will be for sale at BFest, first come first served.

These are the close ups.  The rest of the shots are of the entire group.

Here's my previous experience of having a group of TSII pieces including not-my-own on hand.  It was taken in 2005, showing you how rare this sort of thing really is.

TSII #400 "Rainbow Brilliance", #439 and #440

Normally they go out the door and I maybe, maybe, might see them again someday.  This past week's activities, when I went over and cleaned and fixed up what was needed and could be fixed in so short a time frame, reminded me of P. T. Barnum's fifteen minutes of fame.  I have always believed that any piece of model tack has just about 15 minutes of serious fame and attention in all its long lifespan.  Well, count in a few more now.

Overhead camera boom, movie style!  (actually a stepladder.)  Believe me, most of these shots didn't focus.  Bird's eye view is a favorite of mine, somewhat underused by the hobby in general, yet definitely a way to appreciate detail.

Suddenly dropping down to their own plane, this shot might be titled "Breastcollars across the ages."

Just to zoom in on one (#451, the Clyde Goehring):

This past May, I had an experience of otherworldly bemusement in the face of overwhelming beauty and fulfillment.  It happened during a birding festival -- our first -- and it appears to've set a precedent.  I wrote up that birding festival, as it happens, and after BFest, if I can find time to get pictures, I'll try and publish it here.  Meanwhile take that bemusement as mine all over again.  In the face of one's own powers, an artist honestly don't know what to say.

Whoever gets to next own these lovelies, please take care of them, as she did.  It's not hard.

And thank you.  If it weren't for tack collecting customers, such as Colette Robertson and her acquisitive yet inspirational spirit, far fewer saddles such as these would exist.

Thank you for your patience!

TSII #358, 1993

TSII #401, 1997/2019

TSII #427, 2002

TSII #434, 2004

TSII #442, 2005

TSII #448, 2008

TSII #451, 2014

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

TSII BreyerFest Offerings


It's getting to be a tradition here to display my personal BreyerFest offerings, sales items and TSII tack auction pieces before the big week.  (I think I can do better than last year!)  This year, in the shadow of a much larger offering (the Colette Robertson dispersal), I present, as well, my own fewer but no lesser things,... and they may be accompanied by others' pieces; it's a time of sharing.

There are two TSII braided headgear pieces, a curb bridle (Peach Rose 2, above) and a bosal hackamore (April's Hackamore 2), up for offers.  

NOTE from the future:  April 2 SOLD  $200  on July 13.

There are 2 horses (to start with, hah!), a resincast Peruvian Paso stallion and a very rare Breyer Moody Saddlebred.  And, of course, there are a bunch of pins.

Pins by Minkiewicz

I am guilty of not sharing my pin collection's progress.  Rest assured it is perking along merrily--!!   Yes, mistakes were made with my wanting those earrings, but my loss will be someone else's gain --!!  I am lowering my prices.  The highest price here is only $40 -- the Quagga earrings -- while the lowest price, $15, applies to the two small carousel pins.

You have seen Zoltan, my resincast Peruvian stallion, before.  He comes with his handbraided TSII Peruvian jaquima halter.  The whole shebang will make its appearance under a less than $300 price tag.

Close up of jaquima:

Closer still:

People are paying much more for far less, believe you me!

For reasons of timidity and time-crunch I am hesitating to put this fellow on Rare Model Horse Sales;  but he would be at home there;  he belongs there.  (This here must be practice.)  This is the Volunteer Model for BreyerFest for the year 2000.  According to IDYB only 70 head exist.  My idea of an opening salvo in the wars of the prices is a little over 4 figures.

Breyer never named him.  My own name for this particular individual is Lonely Hearts.  He's in amazingly good condition for a 24-year-old.


It is shaping up to be a year of sharing.  I have it on good authority that some of Field of Dolls' fabulous riders and people will be available on our shelves.  Everybody needs dolls!  Not only that, but Lonely Hearts may well have company;  I have agreed to display some of Lesli Kathman's sales horses as well.  It is an honor to handle such pieces.  What an exciting time!


Thanks for reading!  and, Happy Collecting!

Thursday, June 13, 2024

TSII Sale Catalog for C R Dispersal


Sale Catalog of Timaru Star II pieces from the Colette Robertson Estate Dispersal, during BreyerFest 2024.  (Not to be confused with the larger CR Dispersal Auction, held on Thursday the 11th!)  Two pictures per saddle are listed below;  additional pictures and many other details are in each saddle's own post, with links below.  Funds raised go directly to Colette's medical and other bills.  (No premium or percentages to me.) 

TSII #401, Koi & Water Lilies.  Closes Sat., July 13, at 8pm.   SOLD   $2500

TSII #442, Colette's Medieval Vine.  Closes Fri., July 12, at 8pm.  SOLD   $2200

TSII #451, Clyde Goehring No. 1 Silver Mexican Parade:  Closes Fri., July 12, 9pm.  SOLD  $3200

TSII #427, Mint Chocolate Chip.  Closes Thurs., July 11, at 8pm.    SOLD   $1000

TSII #448, 10th Anniv. Donation.  Closes Thurs., July 11, 9pm   SOLD   $1500

TSII #358, Colette's Starburst Rays.  Closes Wed., July 10, at 8pm.  SOLD    $800

TSII #434, Rose Gold Concho.  Closes Wed., July 10, at 7pm.  SOLD    $500

TSII  Domo Vaquera Spanish Saddle set SOLD, see below for pictures.

TSII Four-in-Hand Hungarian Trad Harness for sale, see below for pictures, $500.


It is with both sadness and pleasure that we present the cream of Colette Robertson's collection of Timaru Star II pieces, up for offers.  She was my best customer;  many times, across nearly two decades (1993 to 2010) and beyond, she literally kept the TSII alive.  Her unfailing demand and enthusiasm drew out of me the best I could produce.  The model horse world is losing a truly great champion.

The current plan is to accept offers via email until closing.  My email address is  Starting the evening of July 8, offers will also be accepted via text (814-470-7199) and in person.  The pieces may be viewed in my CHIN room 612 starting Monday evening.

Gritty details:  Cash is preferred.  I can also accept PayPal (same address as my email) and personal checks.  Checks will be held til clear (yes!).  I am Not set up to accept credit cards, Sorry!  Shipping costs must be bourne by the buyer.  Time pays up to 60 days are allowed:  a deposit of 25% is required at time of winning, with balance due by Sept 12 at the latest.  Fractional payments are non-refundable.  If you do not respond to contact within the 60 days, all amounts paid are forfeit {ouch} and the piece will be re-listed.  Foreign bidders welcome!  If winner has an international address, they need to bear shipping costs. 

Please understand these pieces are being sold on an as-is basis.  Colette kept her tack in beautiful condition, and now they have passed through my hands and been cleaned, polished and in some cases updated.  But there can be no guarantee they'll stay that way.  Now it's your turn to keep them safe from sun and dust and preferably air.


TSII #401, Koi & Water Lilies, originally built in 1997 for Susan Rudnicki.  [Reserve has been met.]  More pictures and many details, including a link to its own earlier long blog post (and pictures of Colette), here.  Includes the horse.  Closing at 8pm Eastern July 13, Saturday, 2024.

May it find a good owner.


TSII #442, Colette's Medieval Vine, built in 2005.  This saddle has its own post, here, (ignore the first paragraph), but I'm still sneaking in extra pix below.  [Reserve has been met.]  I personalized this saddle especially for her.  There is a stethoscope and syringe tooled on the front of the taps; the taps' inner side has a design incorporating the Rx symbol.  The vine-and-grape pattern, originally inspired by a page from the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, is a reference to wine-drinking, something I didn't do, but she did.  Note this photo shows the correct blanket!


TSII #451, Clyde Goehring Silver Mexican Parade saddle the First, finished in 2014 for Sue Stewart and later purchased by Colette for an unknown amount.  A portrait of a real-life saddle, this exquisite piece of tack took 15 months to create; I was inventing new techniques every step of the way.  Embellished with hand-engraved Argentium on a custom tree, this saddle is documented with no less than thirteen (13) blog posts;  the final listing is here.  [Reserve has been met.]   (Note that a second Goehring Silver Mexican exists, TSII #457, made for EJH.) 

 TSII #427, Mint Chocolate Chip set, was built in 2002 for Val Sydor.  [Reserve has been met.]  More pictures, and descriptions from my Grey Braidwork scrapbook and the TSII Saddle Numbers Registry, here.  Don't miss this delicious example of model tack artistry!  Closes Thurs. July 11 at 8pm.


TSII #448, 10th Donation Saddle, made to benefit NAN 2008, built in 2008.  The winner of that auction was, who else, Colette.  [Reserve has been met.]  The saddle was inspired by a High Noon 2008 catalog photo.  More pictures and saddle details here.  Note new closing time, 9 instead of 8.  Closing Thurs., July 11, at 9pm.


TSII #358, Colette's Sunburst Rays Silver Parade Set, built in 1993.  Includes parade rider doll with two hats, two extra pompom blankets, a doll vest and flower bouquet (does not include my horse!).  [Reserve has been met.]  More pictures are here.  Closing Wednesday July 10, at 8pm. 


TSII #434, Rose Gold Concho, was built in 2004.  Sold on eBay, it was won by Denise Stover.  [Reserve has been met.]  So named from the gold pins in the center of its Rio Rondo conchos and plates, and the Rose Rayonnant carving pattern.  More pictures and details here.  Closing Wednesday, July 10th, at 7pm.


TSII Spanish Domo Vaquera saddle, built in 2009.  Colette won this piece in an eBay auction in October of 2009.   New cinch buckles that will not corrode, just installed June of 2024.

TSII Four-in-hand Black & Gold Hungarian Harness, built in 1997.  She ordered it for her 4 white Amarna Arabs.  For sale with delivery at BreyerFest, $500. 

Be aware the rings and buckles are probably heavily corroded.  (Not looked closely at as of this writing.)  I cannot attend to replacing them until after my next book is published, hopefully in fall of 2024.


Huge thanks to Christie Partee and Kim Wandrey who are doing incredible work with this dispersal.  There is a FaceBook group, CR Perf Dispersal Sale, headed by Christie, dedicated to the task of rehoming Colette's collection of tack and props.  We always referred to it as Smaug's Hoarde!!  and she said the job was like trying to "boil the ocean," so true.  Christie has allowed me to handle most of the TSII pieces.  My deepest thanks also to all those who supported the TSII;  and most especially to Colette the Medicine Woman, who is really going to be missed, to put it mildly.  Our hearts go out to her, in hospice as of this writing.  May she know as much peace and comfort as possible.

 Some great shots taken during North American Nationals in my photographer heyday: