Friday, February 19, 2021

Orlik Layer 8: Nearly Done


Layer 8, Near
If any of you think I'm nearly perfect, I forgot to take any pictures of Layer 7.  :~  I was going too fast.  (It also had elements of error, hah.)  I wrote plenty of notes about it (good luck reading my handwriting, which seems to warp and wriggle as I get excited), but pictures only got taken of 6 & 8 today.  This is one of the rare occasions where more than one post goes up in a single day.
Layer 8, front quarter near
I did all the corrections and additions that were suggested after Layer 6.   Layer 7 contained a straying from the path; I tried something with his dapples that turned out to be a mistake, although (I'm hoping) a minor one.  After so many iterations with Q-tips, I used a tiny microbrush with alcohol.  I was hoping to make much smaller dapples.  Instead I wound up 'interrupting' the smooth expanse of his side with little speck-droplets that looked more like corn spots than anything else.  (!!)  They might have made a whole 'nother level of detail to this horse; but I instantly changed my mind and tried to cover them over.  I had reasonable success.  Layer 8's 'more pearl' was part of this covering attempt.  

The best / worst evidence of these 'alcohol dapples' is on his off side.

Layer 8, Off

Unfortunately the pictures don't do them justice.

Layer 8 was the one where I added a custom gray mix to his ears, eyes, hooves and inguinal [genital-anal].  In contrast to earlier, this was a case where alcohol-painting worked quite well.  Dip the brush in rubbing alcohol, dissolve the powders on the brush and dab gently.  The hooves and eyes still need to be formally finished.  (Oh and signing!)  But I'm satisfied.  He is in the Land of Nearly Done.

He is hard to photograph.  Where have we heard this before!!!  (Hint:  Marimba, my last year's NaMo.) Only in person do the pearlescent back and loin really stand out.

Layer 8, Near

I even remembered the chestnuts.

Isaac Brushett's tutorial on painting eyes was posted on FaceBook during the 2017 NaMoPaiMo.  For someone like me, who is happy with (it seems to me) a fairly low bar in this sport of pastelling model horses, his series of pictures is still relevant.

I really didn't think I'd be done this soon.  What's next?   Do I pursue ConeyEye the Ziggy?  Another of my unpainteds (we have 16)??  You'd think!!  The impetus is strong, the inertia rolling.  But believe it or not, at least right now, this tackmaker thinks she'd rather restart the second Akhal Teke set, the one with the aquamarines... followed by a couple of LB-scale work harnesses.  Only when these are well in hand should I consider what I want for IMTM or Inter-Tack-Mo.  I know what I'd like.... a blue-&-white Bosal Hackamore for myself...  yet a professional tackmaker needs to see to other commitments first.

But I'll be watching the rest of NaMoPaiMo...  no way not.

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