Tuesday, July 6, 2021



This is a very self-serving post, intended only for use with my new phone.  However, I am so insanely proud of some of these shots that I am leaving them up anyway.

These first two are explained by the last post, about AT4, the fourth Akhal Teke presentation set we ever made.

Most of the rest come from the Troika shoot.  These are three of my NaMoPaiMo horses.

This one features both Orlik and Brasenose.

Here we have both Brasenose in his emerald set, AT2 made by me, and Orlik in his Jacquee Gillespie braided bridle.

The braided bridle seen here was designed and commissioned by me, and made by Jacquee.

The thread acting as a noseband has been PhotoShopped out.

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