Sunday, July 18, 2021

My BFest 5K Dash


My second BreyerFest virtual 5K happened this morning, between 7:24 and 8:05.   The weather was perfect: 67 degrees with a light breeze, and a complete overcast, which central Pennsylvania is so famous for.  My faithful roady and No. 1 fan shag wagon was on duty with the camera -- all these pictures are by him.  You can't see it, but there is a model horse in my back pocket, beloved Tachyon.

Standing at the start.  The wrist brace and elbow band are for the tendonitis, under a doctor's care with PT.

Get Ready, Get Set, (looking at my watch)

GO!  And she's off...

I had trained for months, in and out of shape.  I've been running for years;  this would be my 10th 5K race since 2016.  I have run in every BreyerFest 5K.  Advantages of a virtual race are the choice of course, ease of cleaning up afterwards and the control of weather and schedule.  Disadvantages are the lack of a cheering crowd and real competition.  [Editor's Note:  Further disadvantages are lack of an authenticated time and recognition of that.]

Coming up on the first lap.  Man, the track is lightning fast!

Nine minutes!  As fast as ever I've gone.
First lap:  9 minutes
Four times 'round Buchenhorst and Gerald road is my course.  I've measured it many times.  Each lap is 1.26K, which adds up to 5.04K, close enough for anybody's book.

Rounding the second lap. 

Not quite so fast.  I've changed my direction around the loop since last year.  Now instead of mostly uphill, it's mostly downhill.
Second lap:  19 minutes

Ten minutes per lap is average for me.

Few cars at this hour.  As ever, the third and fourth kilometers are the most challenging.  No pain, the legs are fine, yet there is battle between me and my lungs.  A 5K is short enough to tempt the sprinters and long enough to need the stayers.  Endless training has honed the legs.

Best shot.   This year I've started running with my eyes closed (for seconds at a time).  It's less distracting.

Third lap.  This is the slowest split, 12 minutes.
Third lap:  31 minutes

The last lap is, of course, the hardest.  I'm always amazed at how hard it is, but relish it too:  It should be that hard.  There is always walking in a race.  In every race I've ever run, there is walking.

Here she comes.

Final sprint.  Thank heavens the grade is level.
This is the fourth lap and Finish picture.  Not glamorous.  I suppose that's racing.
Fourth lap and Finish:  41 minutes.

By his watch it was 41:40.  This beats last year's 46:20 and seriously beats my 2017's 45:01.  This has been my fastest BreyerFest race by a notable margin!  I should carry a stopwatch.  [Editor's Note:  It's your second fastest.  2019 was 41:11.]

Kudos to Breyer for keeping up this tradition, and trusting us with the medallions.

From last year:  Tachyon the CollectA Teke.


  1. Congratulations Sue! You did an amazing job! AND while carrying a horse!

  2. Way to go!! That new time is very impressive!

  3. I'm SO impressed with your race, congratulations!