Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Akhal-Teke Neckpiece Random Draw Offer

 If this year were a BreyerFest-in-the-flesh, doing a raffle would've been easy.  Since it isn't, I'm offering for purchase, by random draw, a single Akhal Teke neckpiece.  The metal color is silver and the leather is natural undyed.  The roller tongue buckle is handmade from stainless steel and sterling silver.  The neckpiece is a 3-ply, meaning three rows of silver metal bars, and it fits all known Trad-scale Tekes.  Best of all, the winner can have their choice of color gemstone put in:  Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Citrines or Tanzanites!   These are the precious stones I have in the right size and that are appropriate for the tack.

The price for this neckpiece will be $50 plus a postage-and-handling fee of $15, totaling $65.00.   To enter, email me your name and email address.  You may enter only once under your own name; if you want to increase your odds, use a child's, a pet's or a friend's name...!  Everyone's name will go in the hat on July 17th, the Saturday of BreyerFest, at 8pm Eastern time, and a computer will randomly draw the winner.  The winner will be notified by me within 24 hours and publicly announced on the TSII FaceBook page as soon as possible.  The winner need not pay until the stones are set in the neckpiece, which could take a week or so.

Due to bitter experience I will not use an envelope to mail tack with; only a box will do, hence the $15.

The winner of this neckpiece could even ask for two different colors.  Note that authentic Teke tack does not combine more than 2 colors of stones on a neckpiece, and that rarely.  The below neckpiece is part of TSII Akhal Teke set no. 3 (AT3) and combines sapphires and rubies.
The sapphires come out a nice darkish blue, while the rubies tend towards the pinkish side.

This BreyerFest 2021 random-draw neckpiece came out of AT3's construction, and was made back in January.  At the time I thought it was too short, and started over (for C. Sloan Meyer's Akhal Teke set).  Later I extended the buckle end, and now this piece fits both Lonesome Glory and Altynai. 

The rest of this post will be a happy exploration of this still-ungemmed neckpiece on various colors of horses.  A couple of times I PhotoShopped in some colors to see what they would look like.  Here we have my own AT2 neckpiece, Brasenose's, with its emeralds:  my best example of this color.  Doesn't it look good with the red bay of Mardi Gras!?

Or how about a buckskin?  What looks like a hole is actually the leather showing at the bottom of the bezel.

I tried to indicate Tanzanites with this shot.  They're more dark blue than this shows.

Do you have a Perlino?

Perhaps you've got an unadorned Altynai?  I PhotoShopped this one for rubies.

This is your chance to get a pretty sparkly piece for a very good price, from one of the most famous model tack shops we have.  "Since 1979."  When Carol Howard passed away in 2018, I became the longest-continually-in-business model horse tack maker in the world.  We are at 42 years and counting.

For various reasons, the TSII has not been producing much tack in the past year.  I am somewhat chagrined to have only this one neckpiece to offer for BreyerFest (Plus the Guide of course!); but hope springs eternal.  Perhaps the next 12 months will bring some changes, more time and more healing.

Thank you for entering!

WINNER:  Larry Combs.  Congratulations Larry!!  There were 18 entrants.  Both our FaceBook pages have had this information posted on them:  Susan Bensema Young and the Timaru Star II Model Tack page.

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