Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Opening Hillingar

I unboxed my Hillingar today.
In the battle between "I daren't show the world how lucky I am all over again," and "I'd love to share and show off this beastie," the sharing seems to be winning.
I'd wanted him since first I saw him, back in 2015.  It seemed a dream.  When my name was drawn I could hardly believe it.  "So this is what winning the Lottery feels like."  I'd set aside the funds for at least 2 years - more than necessary it turned out.  When the box arrived I was amazed at the size of it.  Toucano (Straight Bet) is here to provide scale, as well as participate in genuine adventure.  He is one of my newest horses but is here to provide a steadying influence.
Trust Sarah to use a packing material I've never met.  It appears to be cut-up chunks of foam.
This is what the paperwork looks like.  Sarah explains her VARA rights.  As if I'd have the courage to paint him.  Even carrying him makes me hold my breath.
First glimpse.  Honestly, up to this point I had had a very fuzzy idea of how big he was.
There appears to be a large stiff piece of cardboard fastened to his side.  How interesting.  Picking it up I realize she's using it as a brace and protector.
He sticks out in all directions.  This view of the back of the cardboard shows his tail!
This is one clever design.  I had wondered.  Would the horn be separate?  Nope.
That's the tail.
Toucano/Straight Bet helps show the size.  Hillingar is a bit larger than I expected.  He's so full of intensity he seems to vibrate.
What an amazing creature.  The word that comes to me is fey.  Mind you, I just got through reading Karen Moning's FaeFever series... !!
I am so astonished.  What I'm amazed at is not his sculpture,... her gifts are obvious... but that Sarah had the gumption to somehow find a way to cast, pack and ship this dream.   How many dreams are intense enough to last for 3+ years after completion?
I am absolutely not ready yet to paint him, consider selling, or even name him. 
Thank you, Sarah.

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  1. Love seeing all these different angles of Hillingar. I didn't appreciate how much "motion" he had.