Friday, December 30, 2022

Grab Bag


What else am I going to title a post about four new enamel pins, a Trad scale harness bridle resto job, a new Stablemate and a near-record low temperature?  Oh yes and a couple of new Mink stickers!?  My year 2022's review has already taken place with the writing of my Christmas letter, and there was no overflow of photos from that, sorry.  I've been so busy preparing for a January canoeing trip (among other things) that what would normally be two blog posts, or more, seemed best condensed down to one.  Grab bag is just the best description.  The title came to me in advance of Breyer's latest offering advert, in case you're wondering.

The four new Mink pins could well have been a separate post.  We'll start with a pair of fabulous Mink stickers which came with my new pins.  I still haven't gotten used to the freewheeling generosity of a Minkiewicz Studio pin order, and I thought the glitter factor of these particular stickers was spot-on perfect.

It is surely not a coincidence that both of these creatures have appeared (or will appear) as enamel pins.  Dakkaar on the left and Unicorn 2 on the right:  I already have the Unicorn pin (the image is flopped) and I know Dakkaar is in the pipeline.  His pin form sale date is still unknown -- he was first published about on June 13  -- but I'm willing to wait.  (The record wait time for a Mink pin is currently held by the FlutterPonies at a year and 2 months.  Most appear within 2 months and some pins within 1 month.)  My personal theory is that it really is very hard to make a black enamel pin, and we are waiting for a certain standard of excellence.  But I don't know for sure.

Here is Ad Astra, a beautiful design of a starry mare.  I apologize for the shot being so out of focus.

Here is a horse I've taken to calling "Roman-style" because he just looks that way to me.  His official name is Holiday Runequine;  when he first showed up, Sarah called him 'stylish.'  I love his carousel-horse-like design and subtle red sparkle berries.  The gold metal and white enamel is so crisp and beautiful.  The photo does a poor job of showing the graduated hues of blue; trust me they're there.

I snagged the two Runedeer pins.  Here is Runedeer 2.  Mink is rightly proud of his splendid design.

I will complete this self-indulgent stretch of pin-worship with a very strong statement of love for the glitter background of -- Mishkazelle!!  Mishkazelle has a wonderful depth and gloss in her glitter; it is spectacular in person.

Here's my whole collection minus the unicorns (they have their own board).

 Let's take a look at how low the thermometer got during that national storm last week, right before Christmas.  The lowest I can remember seeing this house get was minus 4.  The sensor is off the back deck.


Moving on, I had a very good mail day this past Monday.  Two packages came in.  When I placed them together the unintentional result was strongly reminiscent of the old Winter Photo Challenge question:  Scale Issues!!

Thank you Anne for the lovely Kit.  I collect palomino SMs and this fellow was so sturdy-looking and interesting.  If I were into making harness for SMs he would be among the first ones I'd pick to drive!   (The temptation to name him Carson is irresistible.)

The harness bridle was returning to its natal shop for a simple bit swap.  I didn't take the time to look it up, other than to note it was built a long long time ago, probably in the 90s.  The customer took care of her tack, and that is so refreshing to come across -- thank you G.H.!!  Here is the bridle in its 'before' state:  Note the simple ring bit, the crown strap being too big for this mold, and the general darkness of the buckles.  They are galvanized steel, oxidized to a dark grey color.

Here it is after a Half Cheek bit was installed, the crown shortened by moving a blinker upwards, all buckles replaced with stainless steel, and the overcheck rewired with new 28ga.  All strap parts cleaned and oiled.  Incredibly, all this was done inside 48 hours.  I can scarcely believe it myself.  Don't you love the look in her eye!

I also lengthened the split in the overcheck, trying to accommodate that mane.  This was partially successful.  I have to hope that general adjustability will serve.

In Other News, I am planning to be on the road for most of January.  We shall see just how much work I get done on the next book and Malaguena's Bridle No. 2, which is where we're up to.  I am still working on getting Christmas letters out, ... deep sigh..., ...

Visit our recently updated website, and enjoy catching up on three years' worth of pieces...unless you've been reading this blog all along, in which case you know already!  This coming spring I will have some resins to sell as well as braidwork pieces spun off from the book.  The year 2023 will be a close race between my love and devotion to braidwork and Breyer's focus on harness and driving.  Of course miniature harnessry has long been a great love of mine; I have made over 100 sets of model harness.  One of the best parts of the Guide is its harness chapters.  But I honestly don't know how I'll handle the next BreyerFest.  One possibility is with horse-drawn-vehicle displays in someone else's room.  Heaven knows I have plenty.

Thank You to every customer and friend, and 

Have a wonderful New Year!

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  1. Over 100 sets of model harness!? What an amazing accomplishment! Looking forward to seeing what is in store for you to make in 2023.