Thursday, July 17, 2014

Slow Progress on TSII #452

Timaru Star II Western Saddle #452 is following in the footsteps of its more famous brethren:  It is taking forever to build!!!  In some small defense, I can claim I had other, more important, things on my plate....  But as of now, mid-July, we can safely state the health matters are taken care of, and the "more normal" operation of this tack shop can re-commence.  What fun!!

Many thanks to the outsize patience of our current customer, owner of this saddle.  Let's begin with some saddle parts I'm actually proud of:  Fenders with real rawhide oxbow stirrups.
TSII #452 is more or less a copy of #419, Celtic Cutter, made in 2001.  The stirrups here are a notable improvement from that saddle.
They both are made from real rawhide (cow), but the new ones are much more detailed (and exhaustive notes kept).  They use a dark tread wrap instead of light, for color purposes; remember the black and blue scheme.
This shot shows that you should always place the worst side facing inwards!!  : )  Yes, a pin was used in the necks.  What you can't see is the aluminum tubing inside the necks.  I have found it the perfect material for this need.  Cut it open with the X-Acto and fit around the neck pin.  Then cover it with the neck wrap, which should match the foot tread material.  The "lacing" on the tread is plain waxed-linen thread.
More progress.  The second skirt is in place, the lacing is done (matching the gullet) and the corner plates are on.  These are Sulser Saddlery plates I've had hanging around for ages.  They were cast from white brass.  Note that #419 had only a sheet Aluminum corner plate, with rough holes punched in for a border.  Detail is king!
Another reason for using these corner plates is that they match some conchos I am planning on using.

The pommel/shoulders had so many adventures I would like to post on that part alone, at some future (hopefully not too far out!) time.

Meanwhile, something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and today's laugh:
I had developed a desire for another fuzzy-inside blanket for my horses, and not being able to go to BreyerFest just made it worse.  I thought this NewMarket blanket looked pretty spiffy, so I bought one off eBay (Thank you Cheshire Horse).  I swear I never noticed anything unusual about it until I had it on my horse, Perquiman!!!

No, that is NOT PhotoShopped or retouched in any way!!!

The Breyer patch really is upside down!!

Somebody in China must have been bored.

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  1. Always fun to see what kinds of "oops" make it out of the Breyer factory!