Thursday, July 4, 2024

The Group Shoot


Go here for details of the auction sale of these seven TSII pieces.   "Horse Not Included,"  except for Duke of the Koi & Water Lilies, 2nd from left.

I've had opportunities for group shots before, most notably after restorations of Parade saddles (see below), but this one is above and beyond anything ever previously seen.  Not even at a show have I seen more than three TSII pieces together, across 40 years.  Not til now.  In private home collections, (a few of which I know exist), including my own, there might be more numerically;  yet compared to Colette's, many of mine are so, well, primitive and undeveloped!  ancient, coarse (painted silver sets for instance) and historical, rather than perfected... !  She truly captured -- and kept --  the finest examples of an artist at the peak.  The above group represents 21 years, over two decades.

As a photographer I was unable to resist.  

The seven Western saddles are arranged by year made, with the oldest (1993) on the left, and the youngest (2014) on the right.  If you're wondering where the 8th saddle is, the Domo Vaquero, and the harness, they will be for sale at BFest, first come first served.

These are the close ups.  The rest of the shots are of the entire group.

Here's my previous experience of having a group of TSII pieces including not-my-own on hand.  It was taken in 2005, showing you how rare this sort of thing really is.

TSII #400 "Rainbow Brilliance", #439 and #440

Normally they go out the door and I maybe, maybe, might see them again someday.  This past week's activities, when I went over and cleaned and fixed up what was needed and could be fixed in so short a time frame, reminded me of P. T. Barnum's fifteen minutes of fame.  I have always believed that any piece of model tack has just about 15 minutes of serious fame and attention in all its long lifespan.  Well, count in a few more now.

Overhead camera boom, movie style!  (actually a stepladder.)  Believe me, most of these shots didn't focus.  Bird's eye view is a favorite of mine, somewhat underused by the hobby in general, yet definitely a way to appreciate detail.

Suddenly dropping down to their own plane, this shot might be titled "Breastcollars across the ages."

Just to zoom in on one (#451, the Clyde Goehring):

This past May, I had an experience of otherworldly bemusement in the face of overwhelming beauty and fulfillment.  It happened during a birding festival -- our first -- and it appears to've set a precedent.  I wrote up that birding festival, as it happens, and after BFest, if I can find time to get pictures, I'll try and publish it here.  Meanwhile take that bemusement as mine all over again.  In the face of one's own powers, an artist honestly don't know what to say.

Whoever gets to next own these lovelies, please take care of them, as she did.  It's not hard.

And thank you.  If it weren't for tack collecting customers, such as Colette Robertson and her acquisitive yet inspirational spirit, far fewer saddles such as these would exist.

Thank you for your patience!

TSII #358, 1993

TSII #401, 1997/2019

TSII #427, 2002

TSII #434, 2004

TSII #442, 2005

TSII #448, 2008

TSII #451, 2014

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  1. This has got to be the most beautiful collection of tack that I've ever seen!! All of this is going to be at Breyerfest, right??
    Man! I wish that I was in the higher financial range most of you seem to be in!! I would love to own one of Colette's sets (as well as yours!)
    I'll be looking for your room at Breyerfest!