Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Sue Peet Bridle Set

This bridle was originally inspired by an earlier TSII piece, a headstall made in 2006 (Evans' 2nd headstall).  I'd always wanted to try another One-Ear that adjusted slip-fashion.  This bridle was also made as a test for Auction Barn for me, to see whether this venue would work for me.  It was completed in February of 2009 and had split reins.
The split reins themselves were inspired by a pair I'd made for K. Meekma in January, but differed in the details of the buttons.  These had Fan buttons, 9P 7B 1-3-3-1 (the 1-3-3-1 refers to the passes over and under of one finished outside strand, across the long axis -- a name I made up!), while Meekma's had 9P 8B  2-2-2-2s.  I loved my Fan buttons and thought they were amoung the prettiest in my repertoire, even though they were also one of my hardest buttons to braid!
But the March Auction Barn debut failed to meet reserve.

The next thing that happened was I chose to submit the bridle for the North American Nationals Auction ... and give it a new bit.  I must have gotten my engraving vise that February, because these bits were my very first sterling silver engraving efforts.  On the inside of one bit is picked out "09" and on the other is "SBY."
Sue Peet won that June auction.  The donation percentage was 50%.

The bridle was offered with a matching breastcollar and set of Romal Reins, to be made later but sold at the same donation percentage.  It took me til August to finish these.
Sue Peet later told me she never used them.... she just gloried in their beauty.  They were very well kept in their own airtight box.  When I first received them in 2018, they had been packed with fleece ... the first time I'd seen this in a lifetime of shipping model tack!
(She also purchased the Maximillian Bridle, a later NAN Auction piece.)

Ten years later, in the spring of 2018, at a local show, Susan Rudnicki Hurst told me Peet's health was going downhill.  Her disease had reached the point of barring live showing.  Hurst was dispersing some of her collection.  I had never forgotten the Fan Button Bridle set, feeling it was some of my best work.  I quickly came up with a proposal, and a commission was worked out.
In my turn, I too have not used these pieces, except for photographing them.  It seems that such high-calibre braidwork is doomed to spend large portions of its life tucked away or hung up.  Yet oh, how they enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame.  What glories may they not participate in -- what beautiful heads might they adorn -- !!
For so many years I've wished I had tack in hand to offer at BreyerFest.  This will be yet another test.

As of this writing the plan is to take offers on this Bridle Set and post them on MH$P.   I would like the closing to be Saturday the 14th, at 10pm EDT.  Your patience is appreciated while I deal with all the rest of BreyerFest, and a possibly recalcitrant tablet -- !  my only online link whilst in Kentucky.  If the winner is not present, shipping must be charged.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Collecting!

Note from the Future:  The winner of this set was Andrea Smith.

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  1. It is such lovely braidwork! I think I need to find a way to display more of the tack I've collected, it is such a shame that such artistry lives packed away...