Friday, August 11, 2017

Peacock Bosal Hackamore: finished

When I photographed the finished Peacock Hackamore, it looked so fantastic on this horse that I couldn't resist showing off here.   I think it is his blue eye and the faint golden tones of his coat that go so well with the blue-and-green and the accenting braided-rawhide golden notes.  Plus his pink works very well with the natural leather.  Yes, this is the reward:  Finding which horse it goes best with, even if it's not the one you made the piece on!
 Not that that horse is a bad one.  Not a bit!!   This Hackamore has a color that goes best with cold-colored horses:  whites, grays, blacks. 
Hah!  It goes just fine with red chestnuts and bays too (even if my camera gets washed out a little):
 I  hadn't realized blue and green were so versatile... but should have guessed, with turquoise being so classic a color.  I've never made a Hackamore in this color combo of white, green, blue and rawhide before.  It has promise!
The tack-wearing debut of my Kaalee, known as Jezail here in the herd:
The bosal had to be pushed just the littlest bit to get over her nostrils.  She is a big horse!!  And the length of her!!  I may have to establish a new sidewise policy on part of the shelves...

My Perlino's story is told in my BreyerFest Goodies.
 He did indeed enter my life with a bang.  I'd always wanted one but never figured I could afford one.  When I saw this unique finish, as glossy a matte as I'd ever seen, I decided to plump.  I named him Shahzada, a name from M. M. Kaye's The Far Pavilions, which means Prince.
This is undoubtedly the first tack he's worn in his life.  Hackamores are for breaking in young horses, so they say...
The Peacock Hackamore is planned to be offered on Auction Barn as soon as I can write it up.

And what happens after this??
Can you believe:  Snowshoes --?!
Stay tuned!

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